Wall of Honor

Located in the lobby of the Robert C. Wilson Pharmacy building, the Wall of Honor prominently displays the names of the College’s most dedicated donors. Gifts totaling $10,000 or more are presented within their respective giving societies on the Wall. Also proudly displayed are the names of those who have contributed to realized bequests and planned gifts, the founding president’s club members, and the names of every endowment. The College of Pharmacy celebrates with these donors, making their generosity timeless.

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Apothecary Society & Dean's Society:

White Coat Society:

Heritage Society:


Founding President's Club Members:

Giving Societies:

  • Heritage Society - Wills and Insurance Policies
  • White Coat Society - $10,000
  • Dean’s Society - $25,000
  • Apothecary Society - $50,000
  • Pharmacopoeia Society - $100,000
  • Wilson Society - $500,000
  • 1903 Society - $250,000
  • Arch Society - $1,000,000

For more information about the Wall of Honor, contact Dana E. Strickland by phone at (706) 542-5293 or email at pharmea@uga.edu.